CSS (Lithuania), January 2007







(PROJECT NUMBER: 219410 - IC - 1 - 2005 -1 – LT-ERASMUS-PROGUC-1)

The meting took place on 18-19 January 2007.
Participants of the meeting:
  1. Ilona Kazlauskaite, National Erasmus coordinator of Lithuania.
  2. Nijole Skuciene, director (College of Social Sciences, LT).
  3. Inga Juknyte-Petreikiene, Head of Vilnius branch (College of Social Sciences, LT).
  4. Rasa Useliene, Head of International Relations Office (College of Social Sciences, LT).
  5. Donata Ruskyte, project manager (College of Social Sciences, LT).
  6. PhD Daiva Labanauskaite, lecturer (College of Social Sciences, LT).
  7. Iveta Graudina, Project Manager of the Faculty of Economics (Rezeknes Higher Education Institution, LV).
  8. Piotr Stachowiak, lecturer (College of Computer Science, PL).
  9. Aniela Bednarek, Chancellor (College of Computer Science, PL).
  10. Ana Raquel Rodrigues, International Office (Braganca Polytechnic Institute, PT).
  11. Paula Odete Fernandes, lecturer ((Braganca Polytechnic Institute, PT).
  12. Daniela Bondoc, lecturer of Faculty of Economics, Law and Administrative Sciences (University of Pitesti, RO).
  13. Iulia Boghirnea, lecturer (University of Pitesti, RO).
  14. Jim O’Donnell, External Funding Manager (Cumbernauld College, UK).<;br />
  15. Bill Brekenridge, Curriculum Manager (Cumbernauld College, UK).
  16. Heads of Departments of the college, members of project team (LT).

National Erasmus coordinator Ilona Kazlauskaite welcomed participants of the meeting emphasizing the importance of the event and the uniqueness of the project as possibility to develop undergraduate Joint degree study programme. The guests of the meeting were welcome by the Director of the College of Social Sciences as well. Facilities of the college were presented to the visitors.

The main goals of the meeting:
  1. To review project’s goals, main activities and outcomes of the project (Rasa Useliene, Head of International Relations Office (coordinator of the project).
  2. To present partner institutions: Lithuania, Romania, Portugal, Poland, UK, Latvia.
  3. To present European experience in awarding and recognition of Joint Degrees (Inga Juknyte-Petreikiene, Head of Vilnius branch of the College of Social Sciences).
  4. To present National Qualifications Systems in partner countries and legislation on Joint Study programmes acknowledgement in partner countries: Lithuania, Romania, Portugal, Poland, UK, Latvia.
  5. Review of International Business Management study programmes in partner institutions: Similarities and differences (Mrs Janina Prismantiene, Head of Management Department (College of Social Sciences).
  6. To present methodology of competencies research (PhD Daiva Labanauskaite, lecturer of the College of Social Sciences).
  7. To present Operational Manual of the project (Rasa Useliene)
  8. To review and update project dissemination plan (Rasa Useliene)
  9. To present further stage and tasks of the project (Rasa Useliene).
  10. To sign up and change bilateral agreements for implementation of the project.
  11. To provide main requirements on budget and accountability of the project and requirements for project reports. (coordinator Rasa Useliene, accountant Ksenija Mozgova)

The meeting had a spirit of personal acquaintance with partners, as colleagues in further activities, their institutions and existing legal bases for implementation of undergraduate JD study programme. The meeting showed serious approach of the partner’s to expected challenges. Moreover, the presentations showed existing differences between educational systems and legal bases of partner institutions. Signed institutional contracts for project implementation were signed.
The meeting served as introduction into practical activities of the project. Participants of the project discussed on the research methodology and numbers of target group. Deadlines for activities were defined; Operational Manual was confirmed; work plan and dissemination plan was updated. Accountant of the project provided instructions for management of the project finances.