1. Date – 18-02-2008/18-04-2008
  2. Place – College of Social Sciences, Vilnius branch, Ulonu street 5, Vilnius, Lithuania
  3. Number of students – 30 (5 students from every partner institution)
  4. Number of lecturers – 6 (1 lecturer from every partner institution)
  5. Common information for advertisement of pilot period arranged (Annex 8.1)
  6. Common selection criteria will be used in all partner institutions:
    Study programme (Management, Business Administration or Economics);
    English language skills (English language test);
    Previous study results (average grade of the last study semester not lower than C in ECTS);
    Study year (not lower than 2nd year student).
  7. The following modules selected for teaching during pilot period:

     NoName of the module  Number of ECTS in pilot period Number of ECTS in JD programme Character in JD programmeStudy year/semester in JD study programme Country/institution 
     1 Entrepreneurship 3 6 Fundamental subjects/Compulsory 3/5 LV/RezekneHigher Education Institution
     2 European Studies (political, economic and social systems in Europe and EU 3 6 Special subjects/Compulsory 3/5 PL/College of Computer Science
     3 Cross-cultural Negotiation Techniques 3 3 Special Subjects/Electives 2/3 LT/College of Social Scoences
     4 Applied Research for International Business and Management 3 8 Genral Higher Education/ Compulsory 2/3 PT/Braganca Polytechnic Institute
     5 Management of International Projects 3 3 Special Subjects/Electives 3/5 RO/University of Pitesti
     6 Managing Innovations and Technology Transfer in Multinational Enterprises 3 Special Subjects/Electives 3/5 UK/Cumbernauld College

  8. Quality of the programme will be evaluated by students, lecturers and managers. Evaluation quastionnaires arranged.