International Business Studies are targeted at training such specialists – future leaders, who see the perspectives of global business, are able to communicate in a multicultural environment and know how to organize business on international level.

There will always be a need for business specialists aware of the specifics of international business, proficient in foreign language and knowing how to communicate in multicultural communities. Being aware of this, the SMK University of Applied Social Sciences offers a study programme which is unique in its content. Its aim is to prepare universal, communicative, logically thinking and creatively acting business professionals, able to organize business in international companies.

International Business Studies develop the general understanding of the world of business and company activity, form the skills in logical thinking and decision making, develop leadership abilities, enable to be active in business environment, quickly react to changes and overcome challenges.


If you are enterprising, creative, full of ideas, if you want to know the specifics of international business and work in international company, choose International Business Studies. They will help you to know how to prepare a strategy of international business development, will teach you to plan, develop and expand business in international environment, will lay the background for the future career of a manager in international company


Joint degree programmes are study programmes implemented together with foreign partners in full agreement of study content and implementation conditions. Students, who complete the studies successfully and spend the established part of study period in partner institutions, receive a joint diploma of both educational institutions.

JOINT DEGREE IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS is implemented together with the partner in Portugal in Polytechnic Institute of Braganca (BPI), which is ranked among the top Portuguese universities of applied sciences. Choose this programme and you will get an opportunity to study in two countries and two institutions (Lithuania – Portugal – Lithuania). You will be granted a joint diploma from the both institutions. You will be granted a joint diploma from the both institutions. All international study programmes last 3 years and totals 180 (ECTS) credits. Graduates from this study programme receive a Professional Bachelor’s Degree.  If desired, you may continue your studies at any university around the world, as the SMK credits are fully transferable and accepted not only in the entire EU but also all over the world. The SMK intensively cooperates with European, Asian and American higher education institutions where you can spend a part of your studies according to bilateral cooperation agreements.


The duration of studies – 3 years: the first study year –studies take place in SMK University of Applied Social Sciences (SMK) in Lithuania. The second study year –studies are implemented in the Portuguese higher school - Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (IPB). The third study year –studies are implemented in SMK University of Applied Social Sciences (SMK) in Lithuania.


International students have to submit their School Leaving Certificate or a Higher Education Institution Diploma and its supplement for competitive score calculation. These documents have to be submitted to the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC) of the Republic of Lithuania, and approved by it that a person has acquired education not less than a secondary or its equivalent in non-Lithuanian schools. Students, who apply to the studies implemented by the SMK, have to submit a School Leaving Certificate or Higher Education Institution Diploma with a cumulative grade point average not less than 60 percent.  The English language knowledge of a student and motivation to study at the SMK University of Applied Social Sciences will be tested during an interview in English (possible on Skype).

Documents required for the application*:

  • An application form;
  • A Copy of a valid Passport;
  • A Copy of a School Leaving Certificate or a College Diploma;
  • A Copy of the document confirming the applicant’s knowledge of English at Upper Intermediate level – B2 (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS or any other adequate certificate);
  • A motivational essay;
  • A teacher recommendation.

*Application fee: 100 EUR

Health Insurance and Visa

  • International students are required to have medical insurance in case medical treatment is needed.
  • Students from outside the EU are required to obtain visas to enter Lithuania. The SMK International Relations Department assists such students to complete all the procedures by mediating with the Lithuanian Embassies abroad.

The Joint Degree Study Programme “INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS” is implemented in accordance with the project of PI SMK University of Applied Social Sciences “A development and implementation of internationalization of Joint Degree International Business Study Programme” (No.: VP1-2.2.-SMM-07-K-02-059), funded in accordance with the means VP1-2.2-SMM-07-K “Improvement of study quality, development of Internationalization” of priority 2 “Life-long Learning” of the Action Programme of Human Relations Development 2007 – 2013.

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