WSINF – WYŻSZA SZKOŁA INFORMATYKI W ŁODZI, POLAND ( - the College of Computer Science in Lodz is a private Higher Education Institution, which operates according to the rules and regulations of the Law concerning Higher Education from 12th September 1990. The College of Computer Science was approved and validated by the Ministry of Education and Sports and entered the Register of the Non-State Owned Higher Education Institutions at number 108 in 1997.

It is one of the biggest independent Higher Education Institutions in central Poland, which educates and trains around 5500 students in Łodź and in three divisions in Bydgoszcz, Włocławek and Opatówek. Its students have the possibility to obtain both bachelor and master degree in the fields of Computer Science, Computer Science and Econometrics, Pedagogy and Educational Studies, Computer Artistic Graphics, Economy (Business Studies), Physical Education, Interior Architecture (new) and Physiotherapy (new).
In the academic year 2006/2007 WSINF introduced e-learning providing M.A. studies in IT (Computer Science) on-line.

Apart from the regular educational offer WSINF is an active adult and vocational learning centre providing post-diploma studies, IT courses and qualifications (MSDN-Academic Alliance; Sylvan Prometric Authorised Testing Centre; CISCO Computer Networks Academy, Novell Education Academic Partner, Microsoft Authorised training Centre) and professional language courses at the Foreign Languages Department being CITY & GUILDS Approved English Language Certification Centre.

It develops dynamically in order to give its students numerous possibilities of gaining valuable knowledge provided by respected scientists, academic teachers and experts. WSINF edits numerous scientific publications, its staff is involved in relevant R&D projects, conferences, seminars and workshops at national and international level.
Students may join Special Interest Groups, Sport Clubs, Self-Government or present their artistic works at @Gallery.
At the Career Office they receive professional vocational guidance services and assistance in creating their own job paths. WSINF cooperates on regular basis with companies from the region, which facilitates employment after graduation.

WSINF provides comfortable infrastructure: students have at their disposal 24’000 sq.m. campus composed of academic buildings equipped with modern laboratories (1400 modern PCs), Houses of Residents (double rooms with bathroom and Internet access), Internet Café, library, Kindergarten, Sport Centre and Aqua Park.

It is a friendly place for students with special needs. Numerous complementary measures were undertaken in order to increase access toward education: system of scholarships implemented; physical barriers removed (adjusted driveways, elevators); Pitagoras project applied for poorly hearing students, tutoring provided for disabled individuals, etc.

WSINF is recognised as an institution of good quality. It is commonly appreciated receiving numerous rewards and top position in professional rankings. Just to name the most valuable: European Medal 2006 awarded by the Office of the Committee for European Integration and Business Centre Club, Business Fair Play Award, Polish Business Leader Award, White List Label for reliable companies, Reliable School Label, first and second position among all private universities in Lodz according to the most significant Polish weekly magazines such as ‘Wprost’, ‘Newsweek’
and ‘Polityka’.

WSINF is particularly active in the field of European Union programmes such as: SOCRATES (Curriculum Development, Grundtvig1, Grundtvig2, Grundtvig 3, Observation, analysis and innovation - Action 6.1. & 6.2.; Erasmus-Mundus, Lingua 1 & 2, Tempus); LEONARDO DA VINCI; YOUTH; DAPHNE, CULTURE 2000, PUBLIC HEALTH, E-LEARNING, INTELLIGENT ENERGY and the new Integrated Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2013.
Current international projects WSINF is involved in: ‘ADORE-Teaching Struggling Adolescent Readers. A comparative study of Good Practices in European Countries’/ ACTION 6.1.2&6.2; ‘Development and implementation of Joint Study Programme in International Business Management’/ CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT; ‘SENSORY-Counselling Centre for Training sensory disabled’/GRUNDTVIG 2; ‘Linguistic education through Environmental Education and Art Education’/ LINGUA 2 PV; ‘HPPE-Health Promotion and Peer Education’/GRUNDTVIG1-PV; ‘LeTS – Language e-teacher Services’/ LEONARDO DA VINCI; ‘The application of e-learning to language teaching’/ GRUNDTVIG3; ‘IT4YI – Information technology for Youth Initiatives’/ YOUTH;.
Students have also the opportunity to study abroad in United Kingdom, Lithuania (new), Finland, France, Turkey, Estonia and Bulgaria within Socrates-Erasmus scheme.
WSINF has also under its supervision private junior and high school ABiS – making it an active player at the secondary education level.