University of Piteşti is a medium size university, having around 18,200 students and approximately 800 teaching and administrative staff. It gathers under its co-ordination and management 10 faculties offering Bachelor diploma, Master diploma and Doctor diploma (Faculty of Sciences; Faculty of Educational Sciences, Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Mechanics and Technology, Faculty of Electronics and Electro-Mechanics, Faculty of Orthodox Theology, Faculty of Economics, Law and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Faculty of Socio-Humanistic Sciences).
The academic staff is composed by a body of experts and professionals with accredited and recognised results in various fields (see the faculties’ profiles above and also: www.upit.ro ).

In addition to these, University of Piteşti has also several specialised departments, such as: Department for International Relations and European Integration, Department for Curricular Marketing and Strategy, Department for Continuing Training, Department of the Didactic Staff Training, Education’s Quality Assurance Department, Publishing House, University Library, Open and Distance Learning Department, etc.
The areas in which University of Piteşti develops its activity are strongly linked with the fact that it is a higher education institution, thus most of its activities focus on education and training, at all levels. So, we can emphasize here the principal areas of activity in which University of Piteşti acts:
  • education and training;
  • scientific research;
  • applicative research;
  • guidance and counselling;
  • professional orientation;
  • international co-operation in different fields;
  • publishing activities.
University of Piteşti has a well-trained staff, it is working with a large range of experts in education and in other various field, being able to develop and provide a solid expertise. We can mention here:
  • initial training of the future teachers;
  • compulsory perfecting/perfectioning of the teaching staff in the view of obtaining the title of “definitive teacher” and the didactic grades (I and II);
  • training courses at demand, re-conversion courses and other special training in different fields;
  • didactic evaluation and assessment;
  • international projects (pilot, mobility, network projects, etc. under Socrates, Leonardo da Vinci and other community programs);
  • open and distance courses;
  • practical professional and training stages in enterprises and other socio-economic organizations;
  • publishing of scientific works and books, literature, articles, leaflets, posters, other types of typified documents, etc.
University of Piteşti represents a strong educational factor for the SMEs in the region. These are usually searching its support in solving their economical, technological or managing problems.
University of Pitesti has developed a collaborative network of partners. This network interconnects the university with the main employers and the local economic agents such as: the Motorcars Building Plant “Dacia-Renault”of Pitesti, the Petrochemical Plant & Refinery of Pitesti, the Institute for Nuclear Research, the Footwear Factory, the Commercial Bank, the Romanian Bank for Development, local NGOs, etc.

University of Piteşti has participated and it is actually involved into a series of transnational cooperation projects (ongoing projects under Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates - with all its components, Jean Monnet, e-Learning Initiative and other programs), in its quality of promoter/coordinator or partner (for more details see www.die.ro )